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Shoppers Want Product Information They Can Trust

They want video, and they want it where they buy.

Give them what they want with video reviews right on your product pages
for an enhanced customer experience.

Be the source of authentic consumer sentiment.

Authentic product information where shoppers shop.

Until today, there was no easy way to capture and stream sticky, customer-generated video reviews to your site.  Criteek is the premier platform for generating and streaming consumer sentiment in the form of video reviews right on your page.  You don’t have to deal with sourcing, curating, hosting, streaming, or technology – just work with us to tap into your customer base to mine and communicate sentiment.

[CASE STUDY] Criteek Video Reviews Widget

World renowned shoe brand Newton Running was driving a lot of traffic to their website, however those people were only staying on product pages for a short period of time.

Double Users Time On Site  // Increase Page Views By 107% 
Decreased Bounce Rate By 14.63%  //  Access Full Case Study

Fresh, quality content makes you discoverable.

Search engines top-rank pages that keep shoppers engaged.  Low bounce rates and high dwell times lead to the increased page views that come from high search results.  Just any kind of video won’t do it – it’s about quality video that shoppers find relevant.  Shoppers trust shoppers 12x more than marketing videos.  And your videos have a shelf life.  We’ll provide you with a steady stream of fresh, curated content.  Give consumers what they want and amplify your organic search all at the same time.

Criteek Certified Reviewers

Criteek Certified Reviewers are knowledgeable and capable and put their reputations on the line in every review they do. They bring shoppers the good, the bad and the ugly about a wide variety of products.

An Essential Part of Your Tool Set

You have tools for email, product placement, SEM, AdWords and retargeting.   But automating video worth watching is another story.  Video is alive.  Now, you can build a powerful, scalable video strategy that collects, targets and streams authentic video reviews to and from your customers without going into the video business.  It’s easy, it’s effective, it’s trusted and it’s what your customers want.

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We help you activate existing and potential consumers.

When you give consumers a healthy selection of relevant video reviews to choose from, they stay on your page longer and buy more.  Video reviews that are relevant to who they are and what they’re looking for are powerful.  We will help you get the volume and quality of curated, consumer-gen review content you need to take your online customer experience to the next level.

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 - 3

No complicated technology here.  We make it super simple to start leveraging the power of consumer video reviews.  No hosting, curating or streaming to worry about.  Our team will help you get going and our platform does the heavy lifting.  You get to turn review streams into selling machines with a single touch from your desktop, tablet or PC.

Want real video reviews for your products?

You can actually see into the future
by tuning into video reviews today.

If your product managers want real, first-hand insight about your product for testing, development and improvement – in a format you can digest without spending hours looking at charts, graphs and text documents, you might want to give Criteek a try and see how powerful video product research can be.

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