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7 Key Reasons User Generated Video Will Become Key in E-commerce (with stats to prove it)

The world of e-commerce is an ever evolving beast.  With the rise of mobile and tablet, we’re always on the go and connected, and whilst this is a great thing for e-commerce, it also brings with it a few new, previously unseen dilemmas.  We’re less patient than ever, and want content that we can trust, that keeps us entertained, and that we can consume within seconds.  The following 7 points are all reasons why user generated video content is the next big thing for e-commerce.

Reason One – Search Engine Ranking

Search engines rank user experience above all else when ranking pages.  If people lose interest, not only do retailers run the risk of losing the sale, they also drop down the search rankings.  Improve the time spent on the page, reduce the bounce rates, and user experience is improved.  Hey Presto, you’re climbing the rankings!

Product Review

Reason Two – Organic Search > Paid Search

Organic Search results are far more effective than paid content.  Over 30% of consumers click on the first link of a search, with slots 2-4 making up the vast majority of the rest.

Organic SEO

Reason Three – The Modern Consumer

We’re a society with little patience.  No longer do we have time to sit and read about a product, we would far rather watch something instead.  Can you afford to lose a quarter of your potential customers?

1 in 4 consumers actually lose interest in a company if it doesn’t have video (Animoto Millennial Study 2015).  57% of consumers are more confident in a purchase when they watch a product review, and less likely to return items (Google 2015). 

Reason Four – Authenticity

However, the video must be authentic.  If it is too promotional, or produced by the Brand or Retailer, it is seen as being biased, and therefore people are less likely to make the purchase.

85% of millennials find video product demos helpful, however, 2 in 3 lose interest in a video if it’s too promotional (Animoto Millennial Study 2015). 

Reason Five – Consumer Trust

People are very skeptical of sales people.  Who would you trust? The commissioned Sales executive, or real life customers, with experience using the product?  It works the same online as it does in the real world.  Without a sales person, your product pages must do the talking.

Shoppers Trust Shoppers

Customer reviews are significantly more trusted (nearly 12 times more) than descriptions that come from manufacturers (eMarketer, February 2010).

Reason Six – Fraud in The System

Fraudulent text reviews are becoming a big issue for online retailers.  Traditionally e-commerce sites have had to rely on text based reviews.  In the internets heyday, trust was implied, however companies are now writing their own reviews, or paying others for favorable reviews, even when the reviewer has no experience with the product.  User Generated Video Reviews avoid these issues by showing the consumer with the product.  It’s much harder to fake an opinion when you are there holding the product that you own!

1,114 Text-reviewers sued by Amazon for being fraudulent – ABC News

Can YOU trust a review if you don’t know that the person writing it has even used the product?

Reason Seven – It Works!

In a recent Case Study with Newton Running, by placing the Criteek widget on their product pages, they saw an average 72% increase in Dwell Time, and average 8% decrease in Bounce Rates, and crucially, an average 68% increase in Page Views over using text reviews alone.

Newton Running Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • Constantly refreshed, streamed video content keeps your pages up to date, with new content
  • This content improves SEO due to an improved user experience, helping your site climb Search Engine rankings
  • Therefore, not only will you gain traffic, but you’ll keep them there, AND, build trust with your audience
  • Trust leads to more sales and more repeat customers
  • This has a knock-on effect in that you’ll see a lower volume of returns due to users getting a live look at the product, from real people (Bonus Stat – 22% of all online returns are made because the buyer felt that their product didn’t look or fit like they expected)

At Criteek, we specialize in video review media for e-commerce businesses. With video marketing becoming increasingly vital, video reviews are the key to improving your dwell rates, boosting sales, and bringing in more revenue.