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ABOUT ME I have played football for over 11 years/14 seasons at O-Line. I know what is needed to succeed at that position at a high level, and the gear that helps best. i have been reviewing lineman based products for over 2 years (feb,17th) my instagram has 15,000 followers and my 22,000 total across […]


ABOUT ME Having 5 kids has given us the opportunity to be very active: We run, bike, ski, ice skate, ride horse, swim, snorkel, play volleyball, shoot hoops…we don’t sit still much. i’m passionate about running and our incredible country. i decided to mix the two 5 years ago and carry the american flag as […]


  ABOUT ME I have been recording my journey to pursuing my dreams for the last 5 years now. I have always had the passion to try anything because we only have a short time on this earth so why not try everything. my vlogs have been an essential part of my life and teach […]


ABOUT ME I am a mother of 2 and I started running in May 2013 to help with weight loss, when my kids were 2 and 4. In 2 1/2 years I’m down 60 pounds, have run the nyc marathon twice, done 9 half marathons and about 25 other races of various distances. i’ve also […]

LaSonya Letona Running and Fitness

LaSonya Letona Running and Fitness     “I’m the owner of LL Dance and Fitness LLC in Atlanta Georgia. Currently I have two dance and fitness studios, one located in Smyrna Georgia and in Atlanta Georgia. I also manage a team of fitness professional that provide nutritional and fitness services throughout the metro Atlanta area. […]

John Catuosco a/k/a The Dome of Knowledge Baseball

John Catuosco a/k/a The Dome of Knowledge Baseball   “I’ve been playing or coaching baseball since I was six years old. My expertise is with the equipment that baseball players use. My passion is to use the best equipment and share that knowledge with other people.”