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How to Provide Strong Customer Service in the Digital Age

Customer service in the digital age isn’t completely different than it was when every business was brick-and-mortar. Some rules of the customer-brand relationship—like “the customer is always right”—are unlikely ever to change. However, the fundamental approach to customer service has changed thanks to the internet and other technologies. Technology has given your customers a broader […]

Why Consumers Trust Customer Generated Video Reviews

In 2014, BrightLocal published a survey on the power of customer reviews. 88% of respondents said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. In other words, nearly nine in 10 customers are just as willing to buy a product based on the praise of a stranger as they are to buy a […]

The Basics of an Effective Video Strategy

By now, you understand that video content is the future of marketing. However, understanding and implementation are not the same. There are plenty of high-profile sources out there that have gone on record highlighting the importance of video for brands. There are also plenty of brands that still aren’t using video as a regular part […]

How The Rise Of Mobile Commerce Affects Shopping Habits

Have you looked at your brand’s e-commerce sales numbers lately? If not, take a look right now. How many of your sales are coming from desktop operating systems? How many are coming from mobile? If you are like most online retail brands, then your number of sales coming from mobile platforms has grown dramatically in […]

The Leading Factors for Increasing Conversion

If your e-commerce product pages aren’t recording the conversion rates that you want, there could be several factors to blame. From visuals to text-to-site responsiveness, conversion rate is not determined by just one thing but by many variables interacting with one another. When Criteek works with e-commerce companies, we find that the ones struggling with […]

The Number One Thing You Can Do to Improve Shopper Engagement

By most metrics that you track, your e-commerce brand is doing fine. You have a lot of followers on social media, your SEO campaigns are paying off, and your website traffic is right in the sweet spot. The only problem is that all of those factors just aren’t translating into purchases, revenues, or increased customer […]

Three Reasons to Embrace Negative Reviews Rather Than Remove Them

What to do with negative reviews is one of the biggest conundrums with implementing a customer review system on your website. It’s great when your customers are saying nice things about your product: these comments allow shoppers to get information on what real customers are saying about your products and help to push them toward […]

Why User-Generated Video Content is Your Best Marketing Tool for 2017 

For years, we’ve been told that content marketing is an essential part of online branding. Creating quality content and taking steps to make it as visible as possible can heighten your brand’s trust among customers and boost your search engine rankings. Now, user-generated video content has become even more important than brand-generated content. In fact, […]

How to Use Product Reviews to Resonate with Potential Customers

Ask three different online marketing experts how to increase your brand’s resonance with customers and you’ll get three different answers. One will tell you that you need to use surveys to find out what customers really want (and then find a way to deliver). A second will encourage you to focus on content marketing, since […]

Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Video

Most marketing efforts are aimed at customer acquisition, and for good reason. Brands need to win over new customers because they see that route as the quickest way to achieve growth. To be a bigger company, you need to have higher revenues and broader brand reach. To achieve higher revenues and broader reach, you need […]