Consumers Demand Answers … In Real-Time

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Social media platforms allow you to leverage real time engagement.

That’s great … except for when it’s not.

As a business owner, it may be time to “step up your game” and make sure you respond to all comments promptly.

Consumer expectations are at an all time high and it shows in the numbers.

Search Engine Watch recently conducted a survey measuring engagement within different online platforms. The results were staggering.


  • 7 in 10 Twitter users expect to receive a response when they contact a business.
  • 53% expect it in LESS THAN AN HOUR.
  • If they’re tweeting a complaint, that number RISES to 72%.

Online Reviews: Yelp / Trip Advisor

  • 52% expected a response WITHIN 7 DAYS if the message is negative.
  • 1 in 4 consumers cited a response time WITHIN 3 DAYS.
  • 21% expected a response WITHIN 24 HOURS.

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Shelf Life

It’s also important to take a look at the shelf life of reviews.  Why?  They differ according to different platforms.

Online Reviews

  • 15% of those polled found relevant reviews NO OLDER THAN 2 WEEKS.
  • In general, 69% of consumers found online reviews OLDER THAN 3 MONTHS to be no longer relevant.


  • 92% of user engagement occurred WITHIN 48 HOURS. This included impressions, clicks, and shares.


  • Facebook engagement was found to be swift.
  • 75% of engagement occurs WITHIN THE FIRST 5 HOURS.
  • Furthermore, 75% of those, see it in the FIRST 2 HOURS after its first posting.
  • Facebook makes it easier for business owners. They can track their own response time. It also allows them to gauge how well they handle incoming messages as well as customer feedback.

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So, what are the implications for you, as a business owner? Your window to respond is getting forever smaller. It’s not just addressing  to a written comment, either. Consumers expect you to respond to mentions, tags, likes and even hearts. The type of platform matters. You have a bit more time to respond to comments posted on online reviews versus Twitter or Facebook.

It’s imperative to incorporate a strategy to respond to customer messages. Customer feedback should not be underestimated. It’s important to acknowledge both positive and NEGATIVE messages. Your business growth depends on both.

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