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The online shopping experience is not meeting consumers’ expectations.  Products, retail, services –there’s a shortage of engaging authentic information about the things they’re looking to spend money on.  Text and pictures are nice – but this is 2016.  Consumers want video.  Video of the product – the hotel – the spa.  Whatever.

Producing ongoing video content is a stretch for most marketers.  It’s time consuming and expensive for starters and shoppers trust other shoppers 12x more than they trust marketers anyway – so it wouldn’t be money well spent even if you could pull it off and sustain it.

Virtually all consumers have smartphones with HD video cameras – and know how to use them.  They’re already uploading hundreds of hours of video online every minute.  You just need an easy way to channel that phenomenon to create a sustainable pipeline of video that will drive conversion and amplify your SEO.

We help you generate, manage and use consumer video reviews to increase customer engagement and sell more stuff.
Welcome to Criteek.

Meet the Team

This group of excellent individuals works hard every day to bring your shoppers
and you The Truth from the people who buy and use the products you sell. Welcome to Criteek.

Scott Randall

Kyle Wilkinson

Rahul Khosla

Denise O’Connor
Director – Strategic Partnerships

Shahid Mohammad
Platform Director

Nick Barraclough
Managing Director – Europe

Will Loftus

Nitesh Verma
Sr. Software Engineer