Welcome to Criteek

Introducing User Generated

Video Reviews on the Product Page


Real Video Reviews.
Real People.
Real Simple.

Introducing User
Generated Video
Product Reviews

Shoppers want product information they can trust, they prefer video and they want it on whatever screen they use to shop.


Real Video Reviews. Real People. Real Simple.

Introducing User
Generated Video
Product Reviews

Shoppers want product
information they can trust,
they prefer video
and they want it on whatever
screen they use to shop.


Welcome to Criteek

Real Video Reviews

By Real People

Introducing User Generated

Video Product Reviews

Engage Your Audience

Real video reviews by real people build trust. Trust = Sales.

Shoppers want opinions from people that have used the products first hand. Get paid for your opinion by doing video reviews.

Leverage Your Customers

No one markets your company better than your customers. Video reviews are more effective than text reviews. Seeing is believing.

Increase Your Search Results

Critteek’s video reviews increase your online reputation organically. Effective organic content increases your search engine rankings.

If you can be trusted to tell it straight in reviews – Criteek wants you.

Did You Know?

70% of shoppers research a product before they buy. That doesn’t mean shoppers love to do research – it means they want information before they spend their money. They don’t want to have to go looking for information when they’re shopping and you don’t want them to leave your product page.

The video content shoppers search for most comes from fellow shoppers. User-generated video reviews bring products to life and put reviewers on-screen where the shopper can trust what they see and know what they’re buying – so conversions are up and returns are down.

Authentic information is hard to come by. Shoppers want it now. Crittek streams certified, authentic user-generated video reviews from sports product reviewers right to your ecommerce product page.

  • Criteek Certified Reviewers

    Our reviewers are knowledgeable and capable and put their reputations on the line in every review.

  • They are Authentic

    The reviewers build trust with shoppers.

  • Everybody Wins

    On camera reviews are in the best interests of shoppers, reviewers and marketers alike.

  • A System Built On Trust

    We embrace all reviews. Positive and negative. Our community is built on trust.

Want more information? Curious or interested? Talk to us first. You’ll be glad you did.

Help Shoppers Decide

Gear is getting more technical and more expensive. But, when you read text reviews, it’s hard to tell if the reviewer has really used the product – or even owned it. sometimes you wonder if the product is really that great or if the reviewer is just overdoing the espresso shots. criteek certified video reviewers not only own and use the products they review, they put their reputation on the line every time they go on camera. we put our reviewers in the spotlight where everyone can see. become a trusted source of information on gear and sports shoppers will ask for you by name. great gear is important – your reviews make finding it a pleasure. Welcome to Criteek.  

Views, Views, Views

You want as many views as possible for your reviews but getting noticed can be tough. The Internet is a big place and YouTube aint no disco either. we syndicate our reviewers’ videos to our network of ecommerce sites, our mobile shopping app, our review-only youtube channel and ultimately our all-sports review portal at this means that when your review gets certified on the network it is immediately accessible to shoppers everywhere. they don’t have to look for it – we put it right in front of them – wherever they are. already have a channel? great. we’re here to amplify your reach and multiply your views. the result? expert skinny for shoppers and mega views for you. Welcome to Criteek.   

Earn Products and Cash

Sports brands want to know what you think about their products. Shoppers want your opinion before they buy. You want access to products to review. sounds like win-win to us so we’re building a network to make it so. it’s pretty simple. you post informative, engaging reviews. shoppers give you the big thumbs up. brands look to you as an expert. your ratings on the network go up and you get access to product to review and the opportunity to create expert content for criteektv. badda bing – badda boom. we also offer deals on video production gear and software from our partner brands who want you to know about their products. it all boils down to value. you create value for shoppers and brands – we create value for you. Welcome to Criteek.   

Hone Your Skills

You may already know how to make great video reviews that get lots of views from shoppers. But if you want to up your game, Criteek has tools that will help. criteek reviewer analytics let you see how shoppers respond to your videos so you can tweak your style as needed. criteek u. online tutorials give you pointers on how to post video reviews that will get big shopper ratings. the better your reviews, the higher your shopper ratings which, of course, means more access to gear. high quality support. Welcome to Criteek.   

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