Snapchat Changes Business Branding Forever With This Simple Hack


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Some business owners find Snapchat not as easy to incorporate into their branding plans as other apps to date, Snapchat hasn’t really clarified their rules for branded content and sponsorship. Currently, some businesses pay popular Snapchat users to mention their brands; others have their own channels.

But, ShopStyle’s CEO Brian Sugar, thinks he’s found a way to make branding easier. He’s created an app called Emoticode. It serves as a “companion” app to Snapchat It is able to turn any URL linking to a specific product, article or webpage to an “emoticode.” This shortened URL uses emojis as the first 2 characters. Influencers can copy this code into their Snapchat story.

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When a potential customer take a screenshot of the story, it’s sent to a “hub” inside the code or to a ShopStyle app. There, the consumer can revisit all their screenshots as well as be linked directly to the products for purchase. Emoticode works on Instagram, as well.

For those who are good at strategizing their target audience, this could be a very effective tool.

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