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  • Not Authentic

Influencer Content

  • Not objective

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  • Not always credible

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Video Product Review – Saas Platform

  • Automated sourcing, hosting and syndication of authentic, curated video product reviews
  • Extensive inventory of user-generated video reviews
  • Transparent and vibrant product conversations
  • Powerful marketing tool


Wolfgang Digital ecommerce KPI Study 2015

Engagement directly affects sales

Engaged shoppers visit more pages, stay longer and are more likely to buy.

Which review format engages shoppers most?

“Will Video be the next generation of ecommerce product reviews?”

Decision Support Systems – Elsevier 2015, Clinical Research Study

User-gen video reviews work

Shoppers trust shoppers 12 x     more than they trust you

Authenticity counts

Put Passion on the Product Page

No hosting, no curating, no load times…no work required

Who posts the video reviews?

Your Shoppers

Plus reviewers from around the world

Your Shoppers

This is where our great text about engagement will go…

Conversion Up. Returns Down


Conversion Up. Returns Down.
It’s a great way to make money.

70% of shoppers research a product before they buy. That doesn’t mean shoppers love to do research – it means they want information before they spend their money. They don’t want to have to go looking for information when they’re shopping and you don’t want them to leave your product page.

The video content shoppers search for most comes from fellow shoppers. User-generated video reviews bring products to life and put reviewers on-screen where the shopper can trust what they see and know what they’re buying – so conversions are up and returns are down.

Authentic information is hard to come by. Shoppers want it now. Crittek streams certified, authentic user-generated video reviews from sports product reviewers right to your ecommerce product page.



The numbers don’t lie.
Shoppers who see a video when they’re shopping for a product are more likely to buy.