Video Product Reviews Can Keep Shoppers Engaged Longer

How to Use Product Reviews to Resonate with Potential Customers

Ask three different online marketing experts how to increase your brand’s resonance with customers and you’ll get three different answers. One will tell you that you need to use surveys to find out what customers really want (and then find a way to deliver). A second will encourage you to focus on content marketing, since publishing interesting content that your customers want to read is one of the best ways to earn their trust and loyalty. Another will tell you to get as involved as possible on social media.

All of these tips are valid and worth considering. However, they all also have one inherent weakness: they rely on B2C communications. And, unfortunately, consumers just don’t relate to brands on a very personal level. They relate to people, to other customers who they see as being “just like them.” The question is, how can you harness the “other people” effect and use it to boost your brand’s resonance with customers?

Reaping the Benefits of Customer Reviews

How can customer reviews help boost your brand resonance? At Criteek, we specialize in helping companies implement video review media campaigns on their e-commerce websites. Once the videos are in place, they deliver benefits ranging from increased traffic to improved dwell times.

There are metrics to show that customer reviews help improve the user experience on your website. Here are four ways that you can use reviews to resonate with potential customers and score more sales.

1. Provide customers with all the information they need on one page

In most cases, e-commerce brands believe that they are already providing customers with all of the information they need about any given product. Product pages typically include product descriptions, specs, information about sizing and colors, lists of features, and full-color photos. What more could the average customer need to make a purchasing decision?

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It turns out that what many customers are looking for on product pages is a second opinion. In most cases, they appreciate getting information on the product directly from the brand itself. However, they also want to know what the product is really like. For this information, they won’t count on the brand, since any company will try to cast its products in the best light possible. Instead, they will want to hear directly from a customer who has bought and used the product.

With a product review system, you allow customers to get a second opinion right there on your product pages. As a result, they don’t have to leave your site in search for another spot on the web where they might find a product review. Keeping customers on your website for longer improves your chances of making a sale.

2. Use them to discover what customers want

Customer surveys do have their value, but if you want faster and more direct feedback on your products, just ask for it on your website. By having a review function available for every product on your website, you can find out what customers love and dislike about the goods you are selling.

For instance, if you are clothing retailer, you can find out if your sizing chart is off, or if customers feel like the color of a garment in the spec photo doesn’t quite match the actual color. In other cases, customers might talk about features they’d like to see in a future incarnation of your product. These insights are incredibly valuable and show you clear avenues for improving both your products and your overall customer experience.

3. Harness existing customers as the face of your business

Every business needs a “face” that customers can trust. Some brands go for celebrity spokespeople to solve this conundrum. Others create cute mascots. With customer reviews, you make your customers the face of your business. Text reviews aren’t the be all, end all of customer reviews anymore. Video reviews are on the rise and they bring the added benefit of viewers actually being able to see the reviewer.

Picture this: someone is shopping on your online store and finds a product they think they might like. They watch a video review and spend four or five minutes listening to another customer rave about your product. Customers relate to one another on a personal level, especially when they have similar interests, wants, and needs. Showing customers a brand ambassador who looks like them and likes the same things they like is a fantastic way of encouraging them to buy.

4. Show that you care by responding to reviews

Next to social media, product reviews present the best arena brands have in which to interact with customers and fans. Using the comments section on your customer’s reviews is a great way to show that you care—whether you are thanking a buyer for a positive review or commenting on a negative review and asking what you can do to set things right. The reviewers themselves will see these comments and feel more personally valued by your company. Your other customers, meanwhile, will see the comments and know that you care about your customers.