Video Reviews Instantly Becomes The Best Option For Retailers As Amazon Sues More Than 1,000 Sellers Of ‘Fake’ Written Product Reviews

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As much as 61% of consumers report researching online reviews before making an online purchase decision.  Even more shocking is that a website visitor who interacts with both reviews and customer FAQ’s are 105% more likely to purchase while visiting, and on average spend 11% more than those who don’t conduct this product research.

CBS This Morning | Amazon files first-ever lawsuit over fake reviews

As reviews continue to impact the bottom line in online sales many online retailers have tried various ways to fraudulently improve their reviews.

Online retail giant,, recently took a very strong stance ensuring the reviews on their platform are authentic and real.

This Tool More Than Doubled Their Dwell Times

[CASE STUDY] Attracting a customer online is requiring many different digital channels. But, once you have the audience what are you doing to keep them on your website?

Click here to access the [CASE STUDY] recently broke this story sharing that the online reseller is

“Suing more than 1,000 people who are “misleading Amazon’s customers” by selling “fake reviews of products,” according to a complaint the company filed in a Seattle court on Friday.

The lawsuit targets account holders on, a marketplace for odd-jobs where “gigs” are sold for $5 and up. Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) doesn’t know who is behind the accounts so lists them all as “John Doe” in the suit.

Amazon sued several websites in April for selling false reviews. It said most of those sites have been shut down, and it described the new suit against individual reviewers as the next step.”

With 68% of consumers trusting reviews more when they see both good and bad reviews (while 30% suspect censorship or faked reviews when they don’t see any negative reviews) online retailers are turning to Certified Video Product Reviews.

ABC 7 News recently featured Criteek, the first certified video review platform, in a piece, Show and Sell: Video reviews are now go-to guides for customers.

It’s common for people to read an online review of a product before buying it, but as consumers grow skeptical of fake product reviews and paid posts, another kind of review is becoming a customer’s go-to guide.  Click here to access the original article

World renowned shoe brand Newton Running was driving a lot of traffic to their website, however those people were only staying on product pages for a short period of time.

Newton Running implemented Criteek video review technology with the goal of improving the dwell time of customers via the implementation of User Generated Video Reviews on some of their key shoes pages.

By implementing the simple Criteek Widget directly on the shopping product pages, Newton could deliver relevant and honest reviews at the point of purchase.  The dwell time – or the time shoppers were staying on the page – for the Kismet increased by 1 minute and 10 seconds – almost twice what it was before implementing video reviews.

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