Walmart Declares War On Amazon With This New Shipping Model


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There’s a war out there … and you’re at the center of it.

Walmart is taking on Amazon Prime to gain your precious dollars. Their ShippingPass program will decrease their 3 day delivery to 2 days. This will put them in direct competition with Amazon Prime.

Originally, ShippingPass was designed to offer faster delivery service (3 days), but not as fast as Amazon Prime (2 days). To gain customers, Walmart also halved the price of their membership: $49/yr vs. $99/yr. For many, this made the extra day’s wait worth it. But, Walmart has “thrown the gauntlet down” by cutting their delivery time by a day.

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There are still differences. Walmart’s ShippingPass focuses on just delivery services. There are no minimum requirements and returns are free. More than 1,000,000 items are offered. Amazon Prime is a membership program whereby patrons also have access to books, music, TV shows and movies.

At this time, ShippingPass is only available in certain areas. Customers can sign up to gain entry to its pilot program accessing the Walmart site.

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