YouTube’s New App Hopes To Increase Market Share

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YouTube is making news again. It’s testing a new feature that will allow their mobile app users with easy access to share videos. But, it gets even better. Users will be able to talk about those videos using a new tab located within the app.

Although being beta tested in only selective markets, it is being tested on both iOS and Android. Users will be able to be able to send videos and chats to friends and family. The recipients can either send a video of their own,type out a response, or use an emoji.

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It’s a logical progression for YouTube. So many of their user base currently shares videos using other platforms. This feature could increase usage of their app as well as increase the user’s time on the platform.

YouTube’s mobile usage has been increasing at a steady rate. They are currently working at redefining themselves; and is a great way to capitalize on their success. This messenger feature can help it increase its presence on social network.

There’s no word on when this feature will be available to all.

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